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Benefits of Cayman Offshore Banking

Investing your financial assets in the Cayman Islands will help you to:

  • be able to invest globally;
  • minimize your potential tax liabilities in a fiercely competitive global economy;
  • achieve freedom from foreign exchange controls;
  • preserve client confidentiality;
  • benefit from minimal reporting requirements;
  • benefit from a first class legal system based on English common law;
  • benefit from a high standard of local expertise in banking, law and accountancy;
  • benefit from a high standard of regulation. For more information, please visit the Cayman Islands Monetary authority at;
  • benefit from a good local communication infrastructure - excellent fax and email technology links with the rest of the world;
  • benefit from investing in a centrally located offshore jurisdiction - direct flights available from North America, United Kingdom and Jamaica to the Cayman Islands;
  • benefit from the political and economic stability of the Cayman Islands which are a British Overseas Territory.